Our heritage

For more than 50 years, Pompon Amsterdam’s devoted florists have created bespoke arrangements for their discerning customers, working out of an unassuming warehouse in the Jordaan district.

Pompon Amsterdam owner Hilde Baart believes in giving space and prominence to each bloom in the bouquets she creates, allowing the natural beauty of each flower to shine through, imperfections and all.

Hilde’s approach has earned her little shop the admiration of the art world and led to prestigious collaborations, continuing the long association between Amsterdam, flowers and fine art.

A new branch

Pompon Amsterdam Forever Flowers is the brainchild of one of Pompon Amsterdam’s longstanding customers, Monique Krouwels.

A seasoned globetrotter and lover of fashion, art and design, Monique recognised that, if translated into a different medium, Pompon Amsterdam’s creations had the potential to travel far and wide.

She embarked on a mission to put the “art” into artificial flowers, working with Pompon Amsterdam owner Hilde Baart to create timeless arrangements. Just like paintings, they are a beautiful way to add character to your home. They are also ideal for public spaces such as museums, hotels, boutiques or offices, where fresh flowers would require too much maintenance.

Setting up shop in the beautifully airy atelier next door to the bustling Pompon Amsterdam fresh flower shop, Monique has realised her vision in Pompon Amsterdam Forever Flowers, creating artificial arrangements so realistic, they’re constantly being mistaken for fresh blooms.

We deliver worldwide, so you can surprise a faraway loved one or simply send your flowers home as a lasting memento from your stay in Amsterdam, a city synonymous with floral creativity.

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